Literacy Narrative: Reflection

This was a very tough essay to write.

The overall idea of what this narrative is attempting to say is that writing has been a big part of my life that has evolved from happy stories to real life situations. From writing at a young age, I’ve always found comfort in it, and it has helped me deal with the worst of times, especially in high school. Reading has also helped, but it has evolved drastically from interests in fiction to interests in facts.

During the process of writing this narrative, I had a lot of troubles. It was very strange to reflect on the majority of my life and pinpoint where reading and writing have significantly changed the course of my life. It’s almost surreal. The pre-write helped a ton, however. I poured countless stories, ideas, and emotions into just the pre-write, which made it both easy and tough for the actual draft. The plethora made it seem like there would be many choices, but it became tough when I realize that I wanted to include it all. Having a 750 word limit was an even greater challenge. Even after deleting a large portion of my writing, I was still well above 750 words, making it so that I had to be even more concise with my words.

I’ve learned that I’ve changed a lot as a person. I always told myself this, but I never really had the best evidence to prove this to myself. However, after a deep reflection, I’ve come to understand that I actually have changed a great deal, especially since junior year of high school.

I’m surprised that I’d been writing for so long. I’d always known that I wrote from a young age, but I had not yet connected the dots between my writing now and my writing then.

I hope that everyone can at least appreciate the last question asked in my post, and I believe that we are all still debating within ourselves the answer to that question.


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1 thought on “Literacy Narrative: Reflection

  1. 1. One of the controlling ideas I notice in your essay is transition.
    2. I think one of the most interesting points you make is your realization of your parents influence.
    3. I wish you had written more about what stories you actually wrote as opposed to the general themes.
    4. The similarities of our essays are the ways in which we use a linear version of time to organize different parts of our essays and highlight our development and growth.


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