Sketch 2: Visual Note Taking


This was a strange experience. One that I have not yet tried out. I am used to simply writing down notes, so this was very different from anything I’ve tried.

It turns out that this doesn’t really help me with remembering my notes any more than simply taking notes. But my notes are already not purely text. I often include diagrams, charts, and pictures of concepts that we are learning in my notes already, so this is only taking away the words. If anything, this has been things a little more difficult to study. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so used to note taking in the word form, or rather if it’s because I’m truly more built to memorize off of words. So, while this didn’t really help me remember things easier, it was still a more fun approach to taking notes. However, it also takes a lot more time. I found myself trying to adjust things that didn’t matter. This may be because I found myself working more on an art project rather than a set of notes, so I didn’t pay as much attention to the notes.

So while there weren’t any new discoveries of how I like to learn, it was a fun activity that was a good refresher from all the blocks of text I’m more used to. However, even if it is a refresher, it is still somewhat bothersome that it doesn’t really help me any more than regular notes. In fact, it may even be worse that taking regular notes. And, to top it all off, it takes way longer than regular notes. So, yes I’d be willing to do this again, but only when I have more time. When I’m pressed for time, such as when I’m studying for a test, this is absolutely not the way to go. At least, not for me.

Original assignment link: Sketch 2: Visual Note Taking


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