Sketch 8: A Glass of Light


Flashlight Image Source

Glass of Milk Image Source

A flashlight and a glass of milk. Or is it milk? I can’t really tell.

The idea was quick to come. Within a few minutes of reading about the assignment, I actually managed to think of the idea. The trouble came in execution.

Firstly, it was difficult to find a good image of a flashlight that was purely flat. Most of the images were simply images of flashlights angled towards or away from the camera. However, most of the milk/drink pouring was angled flat/horizontal to the camera. So trying to find both flats was difficult.

Editing was quite easy. I’ve been photo editing since early middle school (but just as a hobby), and this was a very simple task, so that was no trouble.

But there were more challenges. I’m still not completely satisfied with how it turned out. The way the light shines on the flashlight itself makes the tip look like it’s gone when contrasted with the light background, causing an awkward link between the pouring and the end of the flashlight. In the same vein of awkward, the angle of the pour is also awkward when compared to the flashlight. There isn’t enough horizontal pour (in my opinion), making it look extremely unnatural. When I look at Mcmennamy’s art, it looks so natural. But mine just looks like someone who didn’t know what they wanted threw something together and settled. I hate that idea because I really didn’t know how to improve it. I felt somewhat dissatisfied with it, but it was still better than the other images found.

Overall, it’s just a simple flashlight pouring out some milk. It looks decent, but certainly not as good as Mcmennamy’s. And once you see that, can you really go back to make something like this?


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