Sketch 9: (Trying to) Recreate a Movie Scene


I was not a fan of this assignment.

I don’t watch movies, TV shows, or anything really. I kinda just stick to YouTube and things like that. So when this assignment came up, I knew I’d have to think hard about what I could do.

Everything that came to mind was an animation move/show/whatever. And the issue with that is that most of the objects in those movies feel so abstract that I couldn’t make any real world equivalents.

So I thought and thought more and more. The deadline came closer and closer. Still nothing.

It took having to email Professor Morgen before an idea even came up, and I still had to think about how to execute it.

This was really a huge struggle for me, and I would’ve absolutely loved if drawing could’ve been incorporated. Perhaps it’s just because my creativity may be limited to creating things, not utilizing things. I would like to think that’s not the case, but only more exercises can really indicate how true this is.


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